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News • Firmware releases

27 May 2022

Release of the Klimatronik mobile app 1.3.0 for Android. What’s new

Klimatronik mobile app

  • Fixed a bug that caused a recuperator that was actually on a Wi-Fi network to sometimes appear as offline.
  • Added support for the “Auto” mode for recuperators of the “Basic” series.
  • Added display of animated recuperator image on the home screen for recuperators of the “Basic” series.
  • Added language selection in the app settings.
23 December 2021

Basic series introduces “Auto” mode and improved “Quiet” mode

In the firmware release 19.7.0-AiO, the “Auto” mode appeared in the Basic series recuperators, as well as the functionality of the “Quiet” mode has been improved (until now, the supply and exhaust in this mode operated at the same fixed speed). Both modes are in the beta stage.

How “Auto” and “Quiet” modes work in the Basic series

Both modes are able to deal with a cold draft through the heat exchanger channels towards the room. If the supply air temperature is below 14*C, the exhaust intensity is increased to overcome the draft. Strengthening the exhaust occurs gradually, in stages, to maintain a balance between noise level and necessity. Each such step is followed by a timeout of a few minutes to determine the change in temperature. If the supply air temperature has returned to normal, the exhaust intensity decreases, also gradually, while monitoring the change in this temperature.

In both modes, the supply intensity is several times lower than the exhaust intensity, since, as practice shows, in the vast majority of cases, the draft through the channels of the heat exchanger occurs towards the room. Thus, a stronger exhaust helps to overcome it, and a weaker supply helps not to contribute to the draft.

When you start the “Auto” mode, both fans always turn on at a sufficiently high, equal intensity for a period of up to 45* seconds. Such a “blowing” is necessary for the recuperator to obtain the actual values of the air temperatures of the indoor and outdoor environments and to be able to balance the air flows to overcome drafts.

Attention! In the Basic series, there’s no air quality control in the “Auto” mode. This functionality is available only in the PRO series recuperators.

* The value is subject to change in future firmware versions in order to improve the functionality.

23 December 2021

Firmware version 19.7.0-AiO release notes

  • Implemented “Auto” mode and improved “Quiet” mode in the Basic series, both function based on outdoor and supply air temperatures.
  • Implemented an algorithm to overcome the cold draft towards the room (based on monitoring the air temperature in the room) for the “Auto” and “Quiet” modes in the PRO and Basic series.
  • Implemented the activation of defrosting as additional heating in the “Off” mode if the air temperature in the room is below 15 °C to avoid cold drafts towards the room.
  • Implemented setting the “Turbo” mode timer using the remote control. Hold down the “TURBO” button until a beep sounds. Timer increase: “+” or “AUTO”. Timer decrease: “–” or “TURBO”. Press the “ON/OFF” button to finish.
  • Implemented changing speeds in the “Manual” mode for the old model of the remote control. The supply fan speed is changed with the “AUTO” and “MANUAL” buttons, the exhaust fan speed is changed with the “TURBO” and “QUIET” buttons.
  • Implemented turning off the modes of setting the shutter-valve position and manual adjustment of fan speeds using the “ON/OFF” button.
  • Implemented closing of the shutter-valve by 50% in the cold season in the “Auto” mode.
  • Implemented shutter-valve closing for different operating modes at the appropriate angles if the recuperator has not yet connected to the mobile app (the time isn’t synchronized) – i.e. it’s considered that it’s now the cold season.
  • Changed the minimum and maximum fan speeds in the “Auto” and “Quiet” modes.
  • Changed the outdoor air temperature value for enabling defrosting from 0 to 5 °C.
  • Changed the supply air temperature value for enabling heating from 15 °C to 16 °C.
  • Changed the value of the supply air temperature for disabling heating in the “Off” mode from 20 °C to 18 °C in order to avoid frequent activation of the fuse against overheating of the heater mechanism.
  • Eliminated short-term blowing at high speeds when starting the “Quiet” mode.
  • Increased the holding time of the “QUIET” button on the remote control to activate the shutter-valve position adjustment mode from 2 s to 10 s to prevent accidental activation.
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