Klimatronik 160 Basic recuperators

"Basic" series

Klimatronik 160 L Basic Klimatronik 160 L Basic

Klimatronik 160 L Basic

For a quiet bedroom

Air exchange volume: 20-90 m³/h
Noise level at a distance of 3 m: 12-30 dB

13 770 грн
Klimatronik 160 H Basic Klimatronik 160 H Basic

Klimatronik 160 H Basic

For commercial premises

Air exchange volume: 20-150 m³/h
Noise level at a distance of 3 m: 12-42 dB

14 450 грн

Klimatronik 160 Basic recuperators' description


The Klimatronik 160 PRO heat recovery ventilation system is an energy efficient solution for a comfortable indoor climate in most types of premises. Klimatronik recuperators use a counterflow heat exchanger that provides ventilation with simultaneous operation of supply and exhaust without mixing air flows while conservating thermal energy in the room. The operation of the device provides a constant supply of fresh air and the extraction of exhaust air from the room, along with fine dust and other pollutants. This principle of ventilation contributes to a better well-being of a person and an increase in the level of his working capacity.

Scopes of application

  • Providing an optimal level of air humidity and conditions that prevent the formation of mold and suffocation.
  • Efficient heat conservation and energy saving during ventilation in the cold season and coolness retention in the warm season.
  • Continuous air exchange to normalize the level of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in rooms with a stay of three or more people to improve their well-being and performance.
  • Providing clean air with low levels of pollutants, bacteria and hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Klimatronik 160 Basic recuperators' features and benefits

Countercurrent heat exchanger

Countercurrent heat exchanger

The countercurrent type of construction provides twice the volume of air exchange compared to recuperators of reversible type, all other things being equal, since the supply and exhaust occur simultaneously.
Auto-mode with cold draft protection

Auto-mode with cold draft protection

The "Auto" mode is able to overcome the cold draft through the heat exchanger channels into the room. If the supply air temperature is too low, the exhaust is boosted to overcome the draft.
Efficient heat exchanger material

Efficient heat exchanger material

Copper is one of the best materials that have a high thermal conductivity. It is also a natural antiseptic, therefore it doesn't accumulate microorganisms and partially filters the supply air from them.
Quiet and high-performance EC fans

Quiet and high-performance EC fans

The device is equipped with fans with modern EC motors: large air exchange volume, low noise level, long service life.
Automatic supply air heating

Automatic supply air heating

During the cold season, the function brings the temperature of the supply air to room temperature and thus ensures comfortable ventilation even in severe frost.
Automatic defrosting of condensate

Automatic defrosting of condensate

The function prevents ice formation inside the structure and thus significantly extends the recuperator operating temperature range.
Large and informative LED display

Large and informative LED display

Information about the air condition and system operation: temperatures, humidity, CO₂, operating mode, Wi-Fi, supply and exhaust intensities, clock, etc.
Remote control and mobile app (via Wi-Fi)

Remote control and mobile app (via Wi-Fi)

Device control with RC and Android/iOS mobile app via Wi-Fi with rich and convenient functionality.
Separate control of fan speeds

Separate control of fan speeds

Manual separate fan speed control in the "Manual" mode using the remote control and mobile application: 11 speeds, including zero speed.
Automatic shutter-valve

Automatic shutter-valve

An automatic electric shutter closes the channels of the recuperator when it's turned off to prevent heat leakage and cold entry.
Easy recuperator installation

Easy recuperator installation

Installation is carried out only from the side of the room, so there's no need for the services of "climbers", as in the case of many recuperators from other manufacturers.
Remote technical service

Remote technical service

Our service engineer can remotely connect to the recuperator via the Internet, configure it and diagnose its operation.


Recuperator type
countercurrent (simultaneous operation of supply and exhaust without mixing air flows)
heat recovery, cold recovery, supply and exhaust, exhaust only, supply only
Operating modes
"Auto", "Turbo", "Manual", "Quiet"
Air exchange volume
  • Klimatronik 160 L Basic: 20-90 m³/h
  • Klimatronik 160 H Basic: 20-150 m³/h
Noise level
(3 m from the device)
  • Klimatronik 160 L Basic: 12-30 dB
  • Klimatronik 160 H Basic: 12-42 dB
System control
remote control, Android/iOS mobile app (control via Wi-Fi), separate fan speed control, separate shutter position setting for each operating mode
Equipment and features
auto-mode, 2 three-phase EC fans, G3 charcoal filter, LED display, automatic supply air heating, automatic condensate heating (defrosting), protection against cold draft towards the room
Sensors and indicators
3 outdoor and indoor air temperature sensors, lighting sensor, fan speed level indicators, operating mode indicator, supply air heating indicator, defrosting indicator, Wi-Fi connection indicator, "Turbo" mode timer, clock
Number of speeds
11 (including zero speed)
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 96%, depending on the operating mode, temperature difference and humidity
Recommended area
up to 60 m²
Heat exchanger material
Energy consumption
  • engines (total):
    • Klimatronik 160 L Basic: 4-12 W/h
    • Klimatronik 160 H Basic: 4-18 W/h
  • defrosting: 0-40 W/h**
  • supply air heating: 0-100 W/h**

* Power consumption depends on the operating mode of the recuperator, the difference in temperature and humidity.

** These functions are automatically activated only at low outdoor temperatures. Heating works in an economical, "impulse" mode, bringing the supply air temperature to a comfortable room temperature, then turns off. Defrosting prevents ice formation inside the recuperator and thus significantly expands the operating temperature range.

Inner shutter drive type
automatic electric shutter-valve
Working module diameter
160 mm
Working module length
from 450 mm
Wall thickness
from 410 mm
Mounting hole diameter
162 mm
Net weight
3 kg
Gross weight
4 kg
Volume weight
8.25 kg
Packing dimensions, l/w/h
600/240/220 mm
110 V ± 5%
230 V ± 10%
Degree of protection
thermally insulated, double protection against front blowing
Operating temperatures
-20 °C .. +40 °C
Term of warranty service
12 months
Term of remote maintenance
24 months
File name
File size
Issue date
Klimatronik 160 Basic – Datasheet
1.32 Мб
Klimatronik 160 Basic – Operating instructions
1.11 Мb
Klimatronik Android App – Device connection instructions
1 Мb
Klimatronik iOS App – Device connection instructions
1 Мb
Remote control operating instructions
0.26 Мb

Connecting the recuperator to the Android mobile app

Klimatronik 160 recuperators are controlled using the mobile app for Android and iOS, which provides a wide range of settings for managing recuperators. In this video, we tell you all the details and conditions for connecting recuperators to the mobile app via a Wi-Fi for the Android platform.

The connection method for the Basic and PRO series is the same.

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