Klimatronik heat recovery
ventilation systems

constant flow of fresh air
in your home

An innovative solution that improves well-being and level of performance

Imagine that your windows are always open, but the temperature in the room does not change, the humidity level is optimal, and street noise is minimal!

Your air becomes fresh and clean, which prevents windows from fogging up and the spread of mold and other pollutants harmful to human health.


Auto mode provides
constant heat recovery
under any circumstances


The set of sensors
allows to monitor climatic
conditions indoors


Android/iOS mobile app
for control and convenient
management via Wi-Fi


Each device is controlled
independently in one
mobile app

Video overview of the features and functions of the PRO series recuperators

What is the purpose of our recuperators

What problems do our recuperators solve?

Ventilation with minimal heat loss
Save your money with efficient heat retention during the cold season.

Improved well-being
Continuous air exchange ensures optimal level of carbon dioxide (CO₂), which improves health and performance.

Clean air free of pollutants and odors
The air is purified from hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

No mold in the room
Mold fungi cannot exist in conditions of always fresh air and lack of stuffiness.

Working principle of our recuperators

The air ventilation systems “Klimatronik 160” use a countercurrent heat exchanger, which ensures simultaneous operation of supply and exhaust without mixing air flows. The device extracts the “exhaust” air from the room, together with fine dust and smoke, and at the same time pumps in fresh, purified and heated air. Heating occurs due to an efficient copper heat exchanger that transfers heat between air flows. Copper at the same time is a natural antiseptic.

Thus, during the cold season, warm exhaust air is removed from the room by the exhaust flow and transfers its heat to the oncoming flow of fresh air. In the warm season, the system works similarly to keep the room cool.

Energy-efficient air exchange with conservation of room temperature

For a comfortable climate, you need to constantly ventilate the room. In the case of habitual ventilation through open windows, there is a significant loss of heat in winter and coolness in the warm period. In addition, windows cannot be kept open all the time for a number of reasons: strong drafts, street noise, exhaust fumes, dust, unpleasant odors, etc. The Klimatronik system provides continuous automatic ventilation of rooms with minimal energy loss. The heat exchanger of the recuperator is capable of recovering up to 96% of heat energy, depending on the conditions of use.
Coefficient of performance

Automatic air quality control

The Klimatronik system is equipped with an air quality sensor that monitors the level of carbon dioxide and the content of harmful volatile organic compounds in the room. Depending on the air condition, the device regulates the ventilation intensity automatically. This ensures constant air purity and safe indoor conditions. The current air quality level is always visible on the main screen.

CO₂ level indicator

Indoors, the release of CO₂ (carbon dioxide) occurs in the process of breathing. CO₂ is also formed as a result of burning of the flame of a stove, fireplace, etc.

Indoor air quality is considered to be best when the carbon dioxide content does not exceed 400-600 ppm. When the content is from 1000 ppm for a long time, a person begins to feel discomfort. As the concentration of CO₂ increases further, the feeling of suffocation, loss of attention, stress, drowsiness and fatigue increase.

TVOC indicator

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are chemicals emitted as gas or vapor from solid and liquid materials, even at room temperature. The term “TVOC” means the total content of these substances and is used to assess air pollution. The concentration of many VOCs indoors can be up to 10 times higher than outdoors. VOCs are emitted from thousands of different materials, including from paints, plasters, decorative coatings, wallpapers, varnishes and other construction chemicals. VOCs also include natural and carbon monoxide gases, components of exhaust gases and tobacco smoke. One of the most harmful and dangerous VOCs is benzene, phenol and formaldehyde. High concentrations of VOCs in the air cause health problems, especially for children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with allergies and asthma.

Stable operation even at low temperatures

The Klimatronik ventilation system will work even at low temperatures, thanks to the automatic defrosting function. In addition, the recuperator solves the problem of cold entering the room during the cold period thanks to the function of smart automatic heating of the supply air.

Why did we create

The Klimatronik ventilation system was inspired by the desire to give people the opportunity to breathe clean air freely, regardless of room conditions. This is a technological solution that allows you to feel better and increase the level of performance.

We decided to combine the latest technology into a smart multifunctional product that will improve life and solve the problems of polluted air and high humidity.

Klimatronik is a ventilation system with heat recovery that makes life better.


Air ventilation system with thermal energy conservation

1 recuperator provides fresh and clean air for rooms up to 60 m²
Energy-efficient ventilation solution for all types of premises
Modern fans with minimal noise level

Mobile app

4 modes always
at hand


All devices
in one app

Control the devices at home and
at work with the same ease.
No extra hassle.



Get quick control by viewing
key indicators

Your air is as
smart as your

Install the app on your favorite devices:

Without intervention

Less viruses.
Less dust.
More oxygen.


Which ventilation system
is best for you

1 recuperator

Suitable if you have a 1-room

2 recuperators

Suitable if you have a 2-room

3 recuperators

Suitable if you have a 3-room

1 рекуператор

Підійде, якщо у вас 1-кімнатне

2 рекуператори

Підійде, якщо у вас 2-кімнатне

3 рекуператори

Підійде, якщо у вас 3-кімнатне

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